“Love and Cook” was born from the desire to share the simple but varied meals, that I cook for my family, and friends. My attempt is to cook restaurant-worthy food at home and to illustrate how easy and fun it can be with a little bit of organisation.

Our well-being is largely dependent on what we eat, and we need to take charge of that, much more than our modern life sometimes allows. Further, if we can teach our children to eat well, we have handed them a life skill. Sitting around a table and eating together almost every weeknight is something we thoroughly enjoy and cherish. We eat everything, and I don’t believe in cutting any food group from our meals unless there’s a medical reason to do so.

There’s no dearth of recipes or cookbooks, and I spend joyful hours reading them and trying to figure out which ones are worth trying. At any point, I probably have 500+ recipes that I want to try out, and I continue to plod my way through them. Some of the recipes become firm family favourites, while others are junked because they were disappointing.

My aim is to share a curated list with you, the ones that become part of my repertoire, and the new ones that I try out with my honest feedback on those.  Most of my family/weeknight recipes are easy to execute and rarely require more than 30 min of time in the kitchen. I leave the more intricate recipes for when I am entertaining. I will also be writing cookbook reviews, listing out my favourites.

Nothing excites me more than planning my next menu or attempting a new baking project. I hope you share my enthusiasm for cooking and make eating well, central to your lives. I will post blogs on weekends, with recipes of the food I have cooked during the week. I will also write about my ongoing baking endeavours.

And I promise, no advertisements on this site. I am not doing this to generate traffic for any commercial purpose, it is simply a labour of love.

One of my favourite quotes, from Eataly New York:

“Gluttony isn’t a vice. In fact, we think eating a good amount of good food is a virtue. There’s nothing in the world more fulfilling than sharing an exceptional meal in good company, especially when it’s made with exceptional ingredients that share a story. High-quality food has meaning that transcends personal satisfaction. Its virtues promote a culture of conviviality, good health, friendship and more. Starting today, “gluttony” joins the company of virtue.“

So here’s to gluttony!